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Musician Practice Journal Plus

4.6 ( 6336 ratings )
Développeur Music Paradise, LLC
19.99 USD

Musician Practice Journal Plus is an invaluable tool for musicians who are never satisfied with the present result, who always learn something new on their musical instruments. The app is also recommended for beginning musicians because it is very important to keep track of your progress at the initial stages of learning. Record your performance, log your time spent on practicing, watch at your graph and make your practice more effective!

HOW TO USE: enter a song name which you practice, choose an instrument, log your time spent on practice and the app will build a diagram representing your progress. Record your performance once a month and compare it.

Musician Practice Journal Plus features:

- Essential tool for beginners
- Log the time spent on practice
- Diagram of your progress
- Record yourself play or sing
- Simple and comprehensible interface

Improve your technique and practice more with Musician Practice Journal Plus!